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I’m the youngest of 5 girls and  grew up in Round Lake, IL which is about 15 minutes to the Wisconsin border.

After I got married, I raised my 3 sons in Johnsburg, IL.  At that time, I worked as a secretary in the Johnsburg school District for 16 years.  Being the athletic department secretary was the BEST job ever !

After my divorce in 2008, I moved into a little foreclosure home in Lake Geneva, WI that was PERFECT for me … NOT rich Lake Geneva, just an address.

It’s while I lived there that I met Eddie online who lived in Waterford, WI at the time….. He’s the most generous, kind man I ever met and to this day, I can’t believe that he’s divorced!

On a weekend trip to the Dells with Eddie’s daughter in 2020, we decided to stay in the Adams-Friendship area to go to the flea market. Eddie’s been coming up here since he was 17, but I’ve never been here a day in my life until then.  We randomly stayed at Anchor’s Inn on Friendship Lake and loved it so much we bought the place…. Within 4 months, we sold our homes, quit our jobs and became first time business owners of CABINS ON THE LAKE, a year round cabin resort.

It was within a few months of moving in that Marcus & Bob were eating at Family Affair restaurant.  They saw us working outside and decided to stop by to introduce themselves to us.  Long story short, after just a couple conversations with Marcus, he asked me if I’d like to work at the radio station for 4 hours a day, Monday thru Friday, 10-2…. No weekends and it’s normal for people to check in after 3 at any lodging so “what do ya think?”  “INTERESTING…  to answer phones & open mail?”  He said “No, to talk on the radio” because he thought I had the gift of gab!

I never talked on the radio before, so with some on the job training (and I’m still learning every day)  I became the mid day girl at Wisconsin 106!

I love my random life!

MY SIGN:  Gemini



  • Here Come the Mummies


  • St. Jude Children's Hospital


Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, it’s the Rank's Tavern All Request Lunch Hour!

Send your requests on the Wisconsin 106 Text and Request Hotline...608-339-9-106!

Wednesdays @ noontime we rock it up a little with The Ox Rocks All Request Lunch Hour!

The Ox


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