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Joe Casper //

Joe Casper

On Air Schedule // Monday - Friday | 2:00pm - 7:00pm​



Kind of like Garret Morris’ Chico character on SNL…radio been berry good to me. It’s all I’ve done since Markesan High School released me into the wild unknown of adulthood in 1983.  Even though I refuse to grow up (it’s a trap). 


My roots are deeply planted in Wisconsin and our beautiful lakes.  Waterskiing is still my summer jam.  70’s music is my fave.  I love spending time with family, travelling, all-u-can-eat buffets, Wisconsin bar food, lake time, biking, walking, and hangin with you on the radio weekday afternoons. 

I’ve got 3 wives and a kid.  Oops…switch that.  Thankfully they got their mother’s good looks.  They live in the areas of Minneapolis, Madison, and LaCrosse.  And my wife has been very tolerant married to a radio guy.  We’re not what you’d call “normal”. 

Email me at  See you on the radio from 2 til 7!​

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