Richard Van Dam

Taking you through your midday…it’s Richard Van Dam

A Q & A with Richard:


Question. So Richard, what made you decide radio broadcasting was right for


Answer. Well, it actually all started way back in grade school. I was always getting

into trouble talking during class. Then, as I got older, I developed a passion for

interrupting people all the time.

Question. Didn’t people find you awfully annoying?

Answer. Yes they did! In fact, I really don’t have any friends; even my wife says I

talk too much. So I thought…”I should be on the radio”!!

Question. Where do you see yourself in the next, say…3 years?

Answer. I think I would like to be a speech writer for the next president of the

United States! At the very least, the press secretary anyway.

Well, good luck to you Richard in your future endeavors…you’ll need it!

Thank you for your kind thoughts! But I think I’ll just rely on my good looks.

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