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Breakfast with Bob Bracket Buster Challenge
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Get $2500 in FREE MONEY when you break ground on a new home in Adams County in 2024!
March May Never Be The Same Again!

The Rules are Easy! //
  • Select the entire 64 team field

  • When you get to the final two, also enter your guess for the final point total of the championship game.

  • Whoever chooses the most winners will win a $100 Gift Card from Bucky's Pizza in downtown Adams!

  • Get your brackets before 10 AM on March 21st!

bucky pizza_edited.png
  • Once registered go to the Picks tab and select Make/Change Picks to make your selections. You can choose or make changes until 10 AM on Thursday Morning.

  •  There will also be a Sweet Sixteen Second Chance bracket for those who want to win a $25 Los Morales Authentic Mexican Restaurant gift certificate.

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