Camila Cabello says she “missed out” as a kid because of her “crippling” shyness

Getty Images North America via ABC/John Shearer/AMA2018Watching Camila Cabello command the stage on tour or at award shows, it’s hard to believe that as a kid, she was so shy, she wasn’t able to enjoy life as much as she wanted to.

Speaking to People magazine, the 22-year-old star says, “I used to be cripplingly shy. I feel like even though I often pushed myself, I missed out on some life experiences, or didn’t enjoy them as much as I could’ve.”

She adds that as a kid, she was “very introverted, introspective, in my own little world a lot,” but because she had a “big imagination,” she was able to “have fun by myself in my room.”  In public, though — like school, for example — Camila admits she was “kind of invisible.”

Looking back, Camila wishes she could tell her younger self, “Get out of your comfort zone more. You’re stronger than you think.”

The singer’s come a long way in the confidence department since then.

“Of course there’s been times growing up that I felt insecure about something physically,” says Camila. “But I’ve always known someone’s personality is the most important and most attractive or unattractive quality.”

Camila is one of the stars named as a “Beauty of the Year” in People magazine’s upcoming Most Beautiful Issue, due out April 26.

As previously reported, the “Havana” singer will make her movie debut in a reimagining of the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

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