Mariah Carey has a new song? “GTFO!”

Butterfly MC Records/Epic RecordsMariah Carey has new single, a teaser for another single that’s due in a couple of weeks, which is itself a teaser for a new album that’s due later this year.  Got it?

The new single out today is called “GTFO” and its title does, indeed, stand for “Get the F**K Out.”  In fact, the chorus features Mariah singing “Why don’t you get the f**k out?” over and over to a guy who’s treated her badly.  While the words are angry, Mariah’s delivery isn’t — it’s almost as though she’s laughing at the guy.

“You took my love for granted/You left me lost and disenchanted/Bulldoze my heart as if you planned it,” Mariah sings. “How about you take your things and be on your merry way?/Fly off with a wink, bye bye, baby.”  The video for the song will arrive Friday.

“I wanted to give my fans and everyone a first listen that wasn’t so serious,” says Mariah in a statement. “I’ve had so much fun making this album, and I wanted the first moment to reflect that light-hearted spirit.”

“GTFO” sets the stage for “With You,” the official first single from the new album, due October 5.  The parent album, due later, will be Mariah’s 15th and her first studio release since 2014.  It’ll arrive on her new imprint, Butterfly MC Records, as part of a new partnership she signed with Epic Records in 2017.

Mariah also has a run of Asian shows starting in October, and Christmas shows in the U.K. and Europe in December.  She’s planning “a range of unique promotional ventures” this fall surrounding the release of “With You” and its video, according to an announcement, and she has “more surprises in store for fans” before 2018 ends.

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