Seal apologizes for Instagram post that appeared to call Oprah Winfrey out for hypocrisy

Jan WeltersSeal has taken to Facebook to apologize for appearing to diss Oprah Winfrey on Instagram earlier this week. According to the singer, he was actually criticizing Hollywood in general — and he didn’t mean to criticize Oprah at all.

Seal had reposted a meme that showed two photos of Oprah: one of her kissing disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein on the cheek, and another of her smiling as he leaned over to speak to her.  The caption on the photo was, “What you have been part of the problem for decades/But suddenly they all think you are the solution.” 

He then wrote “Oh I forgot, that’s right…you’d heard the rumors but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young starry-eyed actresses #Sanctimonious Hollywood.”   The post was interpreted as Seal calling Oprah a hypocrite for praising the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements against sexual harassment in her Golden Globes speech.

But in his Facebook video, Seal says. “I have an enormous amount of respect for everything that Oprah has achieved and contributed in her life. What I reposted was not an attack on Oprah at all. She just happened to be the person photographed with the pig in the picture.”

He adds, “What I reposted was commentary on the hypocritical and double-standard nature and behavior of Hollywood.”

Seal then takes Fox, and Fox correspondent Stacey Dash to task for using him as proof that Oprah is a hypocrite. “Fox News, don’t try and use me as a pawn against Oprah and in any of your political games,” he says. “And Stacey Dash, keep my name out of your mouth.”

In the video, Seal also criticizes someone who accused him of “tearing down a sister,” and speaks in support of all victims of sexual harassment.

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