Goodbye, Clone Club: 'Orphan Black' finale airs this weekend

Tatiana Maslany as Cosima and Sarah in “Orphan Black”; image courtesy BBC America(NEW YORK) — This weekend, we’ll say goodbye to Sarah, Helena, Cosima, Alison and the rest of the “sestras,” as BBC America’s cult sci-fi series Orphan Black closes out its five-year run.

The show’s executive producer, Graeme Manson, tells Entertainment Weekly, “We’ve really got a fantastic finale that plays out our entire series end game. We’ve put our characters in the deepest, darkest hole, and they now have to get out.”

Manson also suggests that while watching the finale, fans may want take “trips to Costco for bulk Kleenex” and have some “fortified wine” or “brandy” ready for all strong emotions it will evoke.

While the finale is on Saturday, there are still plenty of loose ends to be tied up in the series, which stars Emmy-winner Tatiana Maslany as a group of female clones, all of whom were created as part of a vast conspiracy they’ve been working for five seasons to unravel.  While it’s unlikely that there will be a happy ending for every clone, Maslany says that’s not what’s important.

“I just wanted an ending that feels real, and that’s not happy or sad, but makes people think and question,” she told ABC Radio.

What is important is that without the show’s devoted fans, who call themselves “Clone Club,” Orphan Black never would have lasted for five seasons.  Maria Doyle Kennedy, who plays clone Sarah Manning’s adoptive mother, Mrs. S, tells ABC Radio, “Our fans made the show.”

“From the very beginning we’ve always called it ‘the weird little show that could’ and Clone Club just found it, and grabbed hold of it and, in a very old-fashioned way spread the word for us,” says Kennedy. “We’re so indebted to them.”

The Orphan Black series finale airs Saturday night on BBC America.

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